History of Oktoberfest Brisbane

Over the past nine years Oktoberfest Brisbane has grown to become Australia’s largest German Festival, with more than 40,000 culture-seeking enthusiasts last year descending on Brisbane to experience the celebration of German culture and tradition.

The festival is the product of Brisbane-based German-Australian festival directors Kim & Boris Zoulek, whose personal version of Munich’s famous Oktoberfest turns the Brisbane Showgrounds into a mini Bavaria with a culturally-rich atmosphere complete with delicious food, world-famous beers and a line-up of traditional entertainment.

There’s always something new to experience at Oktoberfest Brisbane and 2016 will be even bigger as we celebrate the 500-year anniversary of The Bavarian Purity Law {Das Bayerische Reinheitsgebot}.

Experience the sensory journey:

Sights & Sounds – join the cultural experience of the Oktoberfest Tent, singing, clapping and dancing along to the popular Bavarian Oktoberfest Band, or relax in the Munich Biergarten as you watch on to the bustling Marktplatz {market square} as the kids play in the Kinder-Zone.

Eat & Enjoy Germany’s finest gourmet foods, hand-crafted beers and famous wines.

Laugh & Cheer at the Punch-and-Judy style antics of the puppet show, the traditional dancers, bell-ringers, leg-slappers and yodellers, and the Miss Oktoberfest Brisbane, Beardmeister  and Bavarian Strongmen competitions

Watch & Learn how to dance like a German, dress like a German, speak like a German, cook like a German and all about German culture.

With plenty of food, fun and an array of entertainment spread over two weekends, Oktoberfest Brisbane is an authentic German festival perfect for an after-work beverage, get-together with mates or a cultural outing with the family.

Oktoberfest Brisbane is the nation’s biggest German Festival!

Join the family!